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Booguu Aspire

Award winning and patented body motion analysis technology used for: 

  • Gait, mobility assessment and balance training
  • Remote therapeutic monitoring
  • Improve therapy outcome and reduce risk of falls

Aspire, the patented algorithms identify: 

  • Accurate analysis of everyday motions
  • Risk indicators that are undetectable by traditional timed methods and observation. 

Aspire Motion app for Aspire sensor measures movement for wellness, fitness, and sports performance in real time. The Aspire motion device is a small wearable sensor and belt worn at the lower back.

The Aspire Motion Connect App pairs with the Aspire Balance Sensor to measure your balance performance during exercises and assessments. The exercise and assessments will be provided by your trainers. The analysis uses the tiny movements the body makes to maintain posture. The results enable you and your trainer to measure, track, and improve your balance and stability.

  • Evidence based Fall Prevention Home Exercise
  • Therapists prescribe home exercises specific to each individual’s risk factors and monitor progress remotely
  • To improve balance, strength and mobility
  • Easy to use the sensors anytime at home, access prescribed test via mobile apps
  • Therapists remotely review and track progress
  • Further adjustment based on results and feedback